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Depression to Enlightenment
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Encounters in Oneness

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Nirvanic Healing
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Advanced Healing Techniques

Encounters in Oneness

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Encounters in Oneness

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Encounters in Oneness

Mental and Emotional Healing

Meditation Coaching - Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the goals of meditation is to achieve the space of ultimate existence. If you are feeling stuck with your current practice, learn how you can get to the next level of experience.

Root Pattern Analysis and Fulfilment - Your past catches up with you..eventually. How often have you asked yourself "What have I done to deserve this?". If you did, most probably there is a pattern from your past life catching up with you and wants to be healed. Learn how you can tap into your psyche and heal your past.

Depression to Enlightenment - If you are feeling slightly off and your spiritual practice is not elevating your spirit, chances are you experiencing the "Dark Night of the Soul". Many enlightened beings experience this before their final ascension. 

Advanced Meditation Techniques - Meditation is something you discover. With more than 108 techniques, the True Inner Mastery Coach will identify from Oneness which techniques would best take you to the next level.

Encounters in Oneness

Physical Healing

Nirvanic Healing - Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition or a one-time injury, nirvanic healing is process of jump-starting your your own innate healing energy. 

Personal Health Recovery Plan - If you are struggling with a physical condition, yoga, kriyas and meditation should be added to your daily routine. Discover a customized solution to get you back on track.

Yoga and Nadi Alignment - Blockages in your energy meridiens (Nadis) can be responsible for ailments and diseases. Alignment of your chakras and nadis through hatha yoga will unblock and speed up your recovery. 

Advanced Healing Techniques - A holistic solution combining diet, yoga, kriya, meditation, cognition and ayurvedic herbs, many physical ailments can be alleviated. Ask our True Inner Mastery Coaches about this option.

Encounters in Oneness

Spiritual Awakening

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing - This is the first step in your spiritual journey. Your chakras are the energy centers through which the cosmic lifeforce expresses and creates the reality in you. Blockages in chakras and nadis prevent you from experiencing your true nature. 

Communion with departed souls - For those who have unsaid words, unfinished business or just deep love for their loved ones, this is an opportunity to connect with them to complete a part of you that needs support.

Karmic Cleansing - You come with baggage (Karma) from your previous lives and you continue to accumulate Karma in this life. Learn how to clear the past lives Karma and stop creating any new Karma debt. 

Connecting with your higher self - The ability to connect with your higher self and experiencing Oneness is neither hard nor easy. It's just you experiencing the True You. And there is a technique for that. 

Kundalini Awakening - The purpose of all spiritual practice is to awaken to the space of the "Oneness" and it starts when True Nature or Kundalini Shakti which is bottled up inside you at the base of your spine is awakened. Once Kundalini is awakened and it reaches your third eye, you have evolved to become a supranormal being. 

Advanced Power Manifestation - From the space of oneness, extra ordinary powers will start expressing in each individual. Just like when you enter into water and your body begins to float, when you enter into the space of oneness, your extradimensional abilities will start manifesting effortlyess.

Accelerated Spiritual Roadmap - Whether you have an existing Guru / Coach / Teacher or you are starting anew, a spiritual roadmap helps you discover your journey and the various waypoints for your enjoy. Without it, when life happens, you won't have the cognition to understand why. 

Encounters in Oneness

Life Coaching

Breakthrough Innovative thinking - The purpose of elevating your consciousness is to have a breakthrough lifestyle. All great inventions, ideas originate from the space of oneness. Learn to tap into that space and accelerate your innovative thinking,

Developing Leadership Consciousness - When you are completely centered and at ease with yourself and the decisions you make, a power awakens in you to lead yourself. A true leader is one who  inspires others to follow his/her way of living, thinking and knowing. 

Building Unlimited Confidence - We have unlimited potential to create our reality, yet many lack the confidence to take the right action. Discover where are your blindspots and empower yourself with the right cognitive tools to get that breakthrough confidence. 

Wealth Accumulation and Management - The lack of wealth comes from a cognition of "Lack". When you overcome this pattern that has enslaved you, wealth starts flowing towards you. You start developing the "Midas Touch".

Career Discovery and Development - Have you ever wondered "Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?" What career path should I choose that will bring in deep fulfillment to me and others. This requires aligning to your being's purpose so that you can start living a purpose-driven life. 

Encounters in Oneness

Beyond Mindfulness - Summer Retreat

July 5-6, 2020 (Friday & Saturday)
This course is by invitation only and designed to take any level of practioners to their next level. Practitioners interested in attending should contact as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

Discover The 7 Keys To Empowered Living

A Private Meditation Retreat that brings clarity in decision-making, peace and balance.
Unplug with a small group of selflessly driven individuals in a relaxing environment. You'll learn how to take your life to the next level by implementing simple and practical proven techniques that empower you instantly, bring clarity in decision-making, and reach breakthrough success.

This is a Level 1 class with no pre-requisites.  However, attending Level 1 and Level 2 classes would be beneficial.

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2020 Full Year Schedule has been announced.

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